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Promoting Safety Through Education
ARFF MO would like to thank Animal Farm Foundation for choosing us to receive their "Perfect Match Award" for our story about Phillip and Star. Phillip is an Iraqi War Veteran that is training Star to become his service dog. Star was rescued by ARFF MO from Death Row at the Central MO Humane Society. We will use the money from this grant to help our rescued Pit Bulls. To read about Phillip and Star go to our ARFF MO Patriot Dogs page!

This is Derby, one of our recently rescued pups. Derby came from the Boonville Animal Shelter in central MO. Thanks for giving dogs like Derby a second chance at life by allowing them to come to rescue!

Many of our rescued dogs come to us from Death Row at the local dog pounds. This is not a pleasant place to be. Many have been abused or neglected, and most tend to have anxiety issues of some kind when they first come to rescue. ARFF MO would greatly appreciate donated Thundershirts for our dogs to help them cope. If you would like to help our dogs
out. click on the link above and make a donation to our organization. The shirts are at a greatly discounted rate and your donation is tax deductible! Thanks!

Would you like to buy Pit Bull themed items to show your love and support for our dogs and make a donation to ARFF MO at the same time? ARFF MO has partnered with Dog Park Publishing and when you purchase items from this link, ARFF MO gets 10% of the purchased amount as a donation for our rescue! Happy shopping!

Otis, a victim of the Fayette Pit Bull ban, was
  featured in an article on the "Stubby Dog"
website! To learn about Otis and his rescue from Fayette, go to



          ARFF MO's mission is to promote public safety through education about responsible pet care as an alternative to banning breeds of dogs. The organization focuses on education, legislation, and rescue to accomplish this mission. ARFF MO is a 501c3 "not for profit" organization.




            ARFF MO envisions a safer community with no dog bites or attacks, fewer unwanted pets, and citizens having the freedom to own all breeds of dogs in the city limits.



ARFF MO believes that all dogs have the potential to bite, and to focus on one breed of dog will not keep a community safe. Dog problems are usually problems with irresponsible owners and are not limited to the breed of the dog.  To single out a specific breed as dangerous or vicious removes the responsibility from the dog owner, which is where it belongs.  It also severely punishes those dog owners that are responsible, due to the actions of an irresponsible few.

ARFF MO focuses on anti-chaining, spaying/neutering, anti-dog fighting, and training issues to carry out it's mission and achieve it's goals. Community input into ways to solve animal problems is welcomed.

ARFF MO would like to see Fayette become a "model" dog community where a common sense approach to pet problems is applied.  Calgary, Ontario enacted a Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw in 2006, which holds owners responsible for their dog's behavior. Though their population has had steady growth, attacks by aggressive dogs are the lowest they have been in 25 years. Calgary is seen as a dog friendly community that works together to do things right. Calgary is an example of what a community can accomplish when it is diligent about safety instead of reactionary in regard to the dog ordinances it passes.

Dog bites reported to the Health Department in Fayette have TRIPLED since the Pit Bull ban was put into effect on Feb 17th, 2009.  The 2007, 2008, and 2009 data obtained from the Fayette Health Department shows that all dog bites before the ban was placed into law were from dogs other than Pit Bull type dogs. Data obtained from the Fayette Health Dept. continues with the trend that dog bites to citizens have increased after the ban was put into place. This is common in towns that pass Breed Specific Legislation (pit bull bans).

Pit Bull bans do not keep citizens safe from vicious dogs as a
ll dogs have the potential to bite. As in most things in life, quick fixes to complicated problems do not work. ARFF MO believes that it is inhumane that thousands of innocent dogs are killed every year based on their looks, not their actions. All dogs should be judged as individuals.

We believe it is time to take the fight back to the legislators that passed the laws that ban family pets. These laws result in a death sentence for thousands of family pets every year. Are you tired of politicians thinking that they know better how to run your life and what is best for you? Insurance companies and landlords that discriminate against family pets need to hear from you too! If you have a Pit Bull that is being targeted or are just a dog lover, we need your support! Call the legislators that passed the laws and tell them how you feel about their actions. Vote them out during the next election cycle or shop around for an insurance company that accepts your dog. Come join our team! Ban the deed, not the breed!













Baby boy Oliver with one of the puppies from Fayette that was  rescued from "Death Row" due to the Pit Bull ban. This cute little "red-nosed"
puppy was named "Jan" after one of the City Council women that voted for all "Pit Bull" type dogs to die if not
in after the ban was passed in 2009. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is  just another form of animal cruelty that is perpetrated on many innocent dogs by legislators. BSL kills baby dogs, too.

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