Pit Bull Rescue

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We have several more certificates to add to this page.

All these dogs in this slide show were labelled "pit bulls"  from different shelters and pounds in Missouri!! 

Level 1: ​This level recognizes when a dog's DNA contains a majority of one specific breed (75% or greater). A dog will only report with a Level 1 if they have a high percentage match to a single breed in their DNA. Most mixed breed dogs will not actually have a breed in this category unless one or both of their parents are purebred.

Level 2:  This category reports breeds that may be easily recognizable in your dog. Each breed listed makes up between 37%-74% of your dog's breeds. Dogs with a large mixed ancestry will not normally have breeds reporting in this level.

Level 3:  This category identifies breeds that have between 20%-36% of the listed breed(s). 

Level 4:   ​This category represents 10-%-20% of the breed DNA. Dogs with large mixes may have a number of breeds in this category. 

Level 5:  This category represents the lowest level of breed in your dog occurring at 9% or less. These breeds still appear at a low and measurable amount in your pet's DNA and were likely carried over from several generations. 

DNA Results