Thank you to all the hard work of several people (our team is affectionately known as the "Bully Brigade") and our founder, Kathryn Ward, for all their hard work for the dogs! Boonville has lifted their ban on pit bulls and is now enforcing a new dangerous dog law. Read the article in the Boonville Daily News

The "Land Sharks" WON!!!!


"Land Shark" Project 

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Labelled a pit bull, just a true mix breed

Pit Bull Rescue

Labelled a pit bull,  just a mix

ARFF MO is starting an "I LOVE MY LAND SHARK" movement here on our website and on our facebook page.

ARFF MO's founder, Kathryn Ward, and Saving Dogs of Missouri's Linda Grant, along with Chris Amsbury and Betsy Casteel have worked hard to gather information and put together packets and information on Pit bulls, dogs in general, and Breed Specific Legislation. Chris Amsbury lives in  Boonville MO and he  had been bothered by Boonville having a pit bull ban. He approached the mayor of Boonville  and asked for the ban to be overturned. The mayor told him that she would like more information on the issue, and Chris reached out to the rescue community for help with his mission! Their goal was to help educate the Boonville City Council and get the pit bull ban over turned. It was a long road with lots of "edge of your seat nail biting" during the months leading up to the final vote by the City Council. 

 In case anyone missed it, there was a very biased "anit-pit bull" article published in the Boonville Daily News that compared pit bulls to sharks. It was just another example of uneducated people spreading more fear about our beloved pitties. As most of you know, ARFF MO focuses on public education about responsible pet care as an alternative to BSL,  with our rescue efforts focused on saving our pittie friends from unjust deaths. As of right now, there are roughly 12 countries, 700 U.S. cities & 70 towns in MO alone that have pit bull bans. Passing laws based on fear rather than truth has GOT to change, starting right here in our area, starting now, starting with all of us! Help us show towns with BSL how much we love our pitties!! Lets show them that it is average, hard working, everyday families that are the majority of pit bull owners, and the drug dealers and thugs are the exception to the norm.

ARFF MO is asking that you PLEASE post a picture of YOU and your "land shark" in the comments under our post on facebook or send us your picture here on our site below. We would love it if everyone would hold up a sign in your picture that says:


(Our sign can be found by clicking above.)

Thank you for helping in our fight for equal treatment for pitties!

ARFF MO Thanks each and everyone of our supporters who have submitted photos!!