Pit Bull Rescue

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foster guidelines

If you are interested in potentially providing a foster home for one of our dogs you should read our guidelines below.

Being a foster home is a GREAT way to help ARFF MO save lives! It can be a very rewarding experience as it helps rescued dogs learn how to live in a house and to be a part of a family. Many rescued dogs have not had this opportunity previously, and most dogs will learn quickly and want to please you. Like people, some dogs learn quicker than others. Being a foster home may require you to have a lot of patience and persistence with your foster dog. However, sometimes the hardest part of being a foster home is giving up the foster dog when they find their forever home. 

ARFF MO knows that foster homes are like gold to our rescue mission. In order for our foster program to be successful we have to set guidelines for our foster homes to follow for the care of their foster dog. Below you will find these guidelines.

** You must be 21 years of age or older 

** If you rent your home you must have a consent from your landlord to have a dog and a bully breed.

** Have all dogs and cats in the home spayed and neutered, if they are 6 months or older, unless medical reasons for not doing so.

** Have all dogs in the home up-to-date on vaccinations.

You must also agree to the following: 

**Agree to never allow the foster dog to be off leash when he/she is outdoors, unless he/she in a securely fenced in area. These dogs have been given a second chance at life and we need to protect them. 

** ARFF MO expects you to be protective over your foster dog and not allow he/she to be put into a situation where he/she will fail or get into trouble.

** Agree to have the foster dog reside in the home, NOT outside. ARFF MO dogs are to be treated as part of your family and sleep in your home at night. 

**NO ARFF MO dog is allowed to be chained or penned up outside, unless while being supervised for potty breaks. 

** Agree to NEVER allow your foster dog to be left unattended with young children. 

If your foster dog acts ill, you must contact ARFF MO in advance of taking your foster dog for treatment. ARFF MO has a couple vets that we work with and who care for our rescued dogs. If you choose to seek medical attention for your foster dog before getting the approval from ARFF MO, you WILL be responsible for paying that bill. We will provide routine medical care to your foster dog, including flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative. 

If it turns out that your foster dog in not a good fit for your home, you MUST give ARFF MO seventy-two (72) hours to find placement elsewhere. ARFF MO will try to take the dog back immediately upon problems arising, but this may not always be possible. All members of ARFF MO have full time jobs and families of their own and it's not always practical to expect something to happen immediately.

We recommend that while housing a foster dog that you feed your foster dog in a separate room or in their kennel during feeding time. ARFF MO will provide a kennel to you if needed.

We ask that our foster homes make every effort possible to bring their foster dog to adoption events. If you are unable to bring your foster dog, please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements to pick up your foster dog and bring him/her back to you. 

If you are planning on going on vacation or need to stop fostering for a period of time, please notify ARFF MO so that other arrangements can be made for your foster dog. If you decide to board your foster dog at a facility, the expense is on you. 

As any animal can be unpredictable, there are no guarantees of safety whenever large dogs or animals of any type are involved, and ARFF MO puts ALL human safety above that of an animals at all times. We try to make the best match possible when a dog is placed into a foster home with other animals. 

ALL ARFF MO dogs in foster care are the property of ARFF MO and NOT the foster parent. Therefore any potential adopters that the foster parents may find for their foster dog MUST contact ARFF MO and complete an adoption application and be approved by ARFF MO before the foster dog is to leave their foster home!!!

This agreement can be revoked at any time by ARFF MO and the foster dog will be returned to ARFF MO immediately upon dissolution of this contract.